What does Kung Fu have to do with beauty anyway?

Most people have a relatively superficial understanding of what Kung Fu really is. We typically think of Bruce Lee crushing his opponent with a series of fist punches, kicks and leg sweeps. 

Yes, this is in fact Kung Fu, but in truth it is so much more than that. Kung Fu can be combat, characterized by the showy stunts we think of today, but that is only one of three parts that make up Kung Fu. The others are Meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Kung Fu is more about mastery through perseverance than anything, so even an expert gardener, or chef is said to have high Kung Fu. Surprised? I know I was. 

In fact, the first rule of all Kung Fu schools is "you should not fight, and should always strive for peace and harmony". (Interestingly, it's been said that Wing Chun Fu, a type of Kung Fu, was invented by a woman, which is why it's designed to rely on speed and efficiency rather than brute strength). So Kung Fu to me is a great lesson. Always try to take the high road but when all else fails we need to remember that sometimes, its OK, even necessary, to fight.

The truth is that the real essence of Kung Fu is really about well-being and balance; essentially achieving the all important Ying versus Yang in life. So it’s not a stretch to apply this to our bodies and skin care overall.

When we achieve balance in the body and mind it is expressed in our face. It is seen in our outward appearance, driven by the fact that when we are taking care of ourselves we feel more comfortable in our own skin.

Turns out balance in skin care is more about what you are not putting on your face than what you are. This can be accomplished by turning away from creams and practices that use chemicals or don't show the ingredient listing and instead opting for natural serums and creams made from organic base ingredients and essential oils that have been proven to have efficacy for centuries.

Taking a brief moment out of your busy day to practice self-love using the Gua Sha facial massage tool, or using the jade roller in the car on the way to work can help you achieve this balance. Cumulatively speaking , the effect you can achieve on your outward appearance will surprise even the biggest skeptic.